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The GPANJ is an active organization of more than 500 purchasing agents across the many government entities of New Jersey. Our organization has spent over 59 years in service to the citizens of the State of New Jersey. GPANJ's membership consists of purchasing agents from municipalities, school boards, counties, authorities and other government entities. Our diversity is our strength. We hold 5 educational business meetings a year...as well as an annual public purchasing educational forum. We also present educational programs at the New Jersey League of Municipalities Convention in November.

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Message from the President

June 20th, 2023

Over the course of the past year, Members of the GPANJ Board has participated in meetings with the Southern and Northern Chapters of the NIGP, the NJACPO, and Rutgers University to discuss the future of the Purchasing Profession and how to unite all the Purchasing Associations and Rutgers. The NJ Public Purchasing Forum was formed consisting of representatives from each of these and the GPANJ. One of the goals of the Public Purchasing Forum is to provide a united front on State and Legislative issues which impact Public Purchasing. Unified we will strive to improve local government public purchasing in New Jersey.

Over the past ten years GPANJ has conducted their Annual Education Symposium. Beginning in 2024, the GPANJ will be working collectively with the other Purchasing Associations and Rutgers, to create an annual conference which will bring together the Purchasing Profession in larger numbers, creating more opportunity for learning from one another and benefiting the profession overall. Future conferences will be sponsored by Rutgers, and the Associations will participate and assist in the programming. Each
individual attendee at the conference will participate in outstanding educational sessions and benefit from the professional networking during the conference.

The GPANJ recognizes the importance of education and life-long learning by encouraging others and participating in both continuing education and higher education programs. While the Governmental Purchasing Association will participate in the Rutgers Conference moving forward, it will continue to offer educational and networking opportunities for the Purchasing Professional and intends to administer a full day mini-conference annually. The benefits of membership, including the website, message boards, and reduced membership rates to educational opportunities sponsored by the GPANJ will not change.

Registration for the final GPANJ Educational Symposium to be held September 13-15, 2023 is open; register now and participate in the final GPANJ Symposium. We saved the best for last and hope to see you there!

Thank you for all the hard work you do.

Michele Bado


If you intend to retire, or know of anyone in our association who is retiring this year, please let Linda Carpenter know at: Linda.Carpenter@rocketmail.com